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111 N. Aztec
Montezuma, Kansas 67867


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Expand Your World

The Stauths wanted the museum to go beyond the story of their personal travels.

Continue your discoveries in the Special Exhibitions Gallery featuring traveling exhibits provided by the Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition Service, Exhibits USA, and other national and international exhibit sources.

Return again and again to Stauth Memorial Museum to learn about history, art, science and more! Exhibits change every 6 to 8 weeks so there is always something new to see and learn, thus continuing the Stauth's vision of bringing the world to Montezuma. Check out the Traveling Exhibitions page for a complete list of Special Exhibitions and Events. On exhibit now: 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic. This exhibit showcases some of National Geographic magazine's most compelling photographs. From Steve McCurry's unforgettable Afghan girl to Nick Nichols' iconic image of Jane Goodall and chimpanzee to Thomas Abercrombie's never-been-seen view of Mecca, the exhibit includes some of National Geographic's magazine's most-remembered and celebrated photographs from its more-than-120-year history.

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Track the World's Big Game

The Fry Wildlife CollectionThe Fry Wildlife Collection is a breathtaking exhibition of big game animals including nearly all of the major North American Big Game species.

Ralph Fry, a friend and neighbor of the Stauth’s, was a big game hunter for almost 50 years. He traveled throughout North America, including Canada, Alaska and even to Norway from 1928 through the mid 1970s, and then brought his beloved trophies home to Montezuma.

Experience a rare North American Big Horn Sheep “Grand Slam” featuring two Rocky Mountain Big Horns, a Stone Sheep, the coveted Dall Sheep and finally the elusive Desert Big Horn that his daughter, Mary Jo, obtained the in 1995 to complete this Grand Slam.

Feel the sheer size and power of three record setting specimens featured in the exhibit. A beautifully symmetric Mule Deer, the highly prized Dall Sheep and a huge American Elk that was rated #2 in the world when Ralph hunted it in 1952.

Mr. Fry enjoyed sharing his hunting stories with friends, civic organizations and at speaking events all over the United States. He also taught gun safety classes and always stressed the need for game conservation. Some of his greatest stories are available for viewing in this exhibit. Come share in the experiences of Montezuma’s Ralph A. Fry, a farmer, rancher, naturalist and conservationist.

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Wall Western Collection

Enjoy our newest addition to the museum, the Wall Western Collection. Featuring 23 western bronze art works collected by Montezuma resident, Howard Wall and permanently loaned to the museum for this exciting exhibition. Howard was intrigued by Frederic Remington’s art and his role in creating the popular image of the West that still persists today. He studied and enjoyed these sculptures because they represent mans struggle to control nature and reveal Remington’s constant challenge to control the limits of the medium. This is the largest collection of Frederic Remington bronze miniatures in Kansas plus it showcases a fabulous print of “A Dash for the Timber.” Experience the famed Bronco Buster, the bone-chilling Norther, the support for a fellow trooper in The Wounded Bunkie and the gravity defying Buffalo Horse. Impressive bronzes by Lanford Monroe and James Earle Fraser are also displayed.

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